5k, 10k, Half Marathons, Full Marathons and even Ultra Marathons. Manipal has produced  a versatile class of runners who participate and compete in various distance categories all over the country and some, even in other countries across the globe.


By no means are the runners of Manipal the best in their class. Infact, some of them aren’t even that good, especially the arrogant class of ultra runners that Manipal has given birth to. But, they’re all runners and their specialty; not one of them gives up.  So what is it about this small hilltop town that gives birth to these runners? Is it the sun-kissed beaches to the west, the rolling hills all around or just the fact that the air here is just perfect for a run and is complimented by great weather most of the year?

Whatever be the reason, there has been one entity that has constantly prodded beginners to start running, motivated intermediates to push further than they imagined possible and cheered on the mightiest to race harder than ever.


Come January, runners are seen in full bloom all across Manipal, training hard for the biggest event in this small student town. The Manipal Runners’ Club has done it all- from the much hyped Manipal Marathon to beach runs for social causes, MRC has provided a platform for people to come together and heartily display their passion for running. As MRC turns three, it has matured drastically and come a long way for which the founders of this club deserve accolades. The Presidents of MRC have always managed to keep the club running (literally) in full swing and the faculty advisors have been a great support throughout.


But what makes this club what it is, are the runners of Manipal. They are the ones who just don’t give up. A bad run doesn’t stop them and neither does an injury. They are the real backbone of the club, the ones who have run with passion and perseverance, and have always strived to be stronger and better than they were before. This is what makes MRC tick and this is what makes Manipal tick. Here’s to all those runners who have made MRC what it is today. There’s too many of them to name and most of them are probably running right now; as should you. Cheers to the club that has given so many of us lasting memories that will be very hard to forget.

Keep running strong.

This article was written by Navaal Rai.

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